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Hillcrest Educational Center Pittsfield, MA, Hillcrest Educational Centers In The Berkshires, Hillcrest Educational Centers Berkshire County, Hillcrest Psychiatric Center Lenox

Hillcrest Center in Lenox specializes in the treatment of boys and girls with extreme psychiatric, emotional and behavior disorders. Most students at Hillcrest Center have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse and have become severely aggressive, sexually reactive, self injurious, or engage in fire setting. Most have been in psychiatric hospitals prior to Hillcrest Center and/or have not succeeded in other residential settings due to the severity of their needs and behaviors. Many Hillcrest Center students have moderate to serious learning disabilities. 

Within an intensely structured, therapeutic and nurturing environment with high staff ratios, students learn the appropriate social skills and self-control necessary to function in a less restrictive setting. The extreme and/or dangerous behaviors that caused these students to fail in the past are managed and replaced with alternative, productive behaviors so that students are able to experience success and continue to grow.

Hillcrest Center's 14-acre campus provides excellent recreational opportunities utilizing two athletic fields, a playground, swimming pools and a full size gymnasium. Students participate in camping, biking, skiing and other outdoor activities year round. The surrounding Berkshire communities offer a wide variety of educational, cultural and recreational resources.

Skills For Life – A Trauma Informed Treatment Approach

All of our programs utilize Skills for Life - a strength-based, comprehensive treatment model designed by Hillcrest Educational Centers for the purpose of providing trauma informed care to our students. This model has been developed through an extensive process of training, research and consultation.  It is a model that utilizes best practices and evidence-based practices in the field of children’s behavioral health.


At its core, Skills for Life recognizes the need for students to develop a wide variety of skills.  Repeated experiences of trauma, attachment disruption, loss, domestic violence or abuse can be emotionally debilitating.  Skills for Life recognizes that our students’ life experiences often have prevented them from developing skills needed to successfully manage the day-to-day stressors of life.  Through assessment, counseling, modeling, and practice, our students will learn the skills necessary to succeed in their home community.