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Professional Development, Trainings, & Consultations

What it is:

Hillcrest Community Support Services (HCSS) is dedicated to providing a range of services to meet the needs of children, adolescents, families, school districts, and local service organizations in the Berkshires.

To do this, in addition to providing behavioral therapy and psychological testing services, we also offer training to local schools and service organizations throughout the region to ensure growth of both students and staff in support of every child’s development.

Sample topics include:

  • Trauma and Its Impact on Students
Strategies for Interacting with Students with Developmental Disabilities
Collaborative Techniques in the Classroom
How to be an Effective Paraprofessional
Autism 101
School Refusal and Avoidance: Mental Health Obstacles to Motivation

Trainings can be fully customized to meet the needs of the school or organization requiring assistance.

For more information please contact us online or at:

Hillcrest Community Support Services
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