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Psychological Evaluation

This evaluation measures a child’s social, emotional and intellectual functioning in order to accurately diagnose any psychological difficulties. A psychological evaluation is the place to start if your child is experiencing distress in any area of functioning. The results provide a snapshot of behavior, or cognitive functioning, or mood by contrasting the individual results against their peer group. Data collected from multiple data points is used to make interpretations and recommendations for treatment, educational plans and as needed referrals to other professionals.

Psychological Evaluations can provide basic information about:
 • Intellectual Functioning and cognitive skills
 • Problems with depression, anger or anxiety
 • Difficulties adjusting to school routine
 • Self esteem issues for the child
 • Effect of trauma or difficult experiences on he child
 • Indicators of potential neurological or psychiatric difficulties
 • Attachment difficulties or family conflict
 • Anger, defiance, oppositional or explosive behavior
 • Difficulties staying focused and on task
 • Strained or inadequate peer relationships
 • Problem with eating, sleeping, self-injury or substance abuse

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